Republic of Korea IARC GICR Collaborating Centre

Principal Investigator

Young-Joo Won

Head, Division of Cancer Registration and Surveillance National Cancer Center, Republic of Korea

Since its inception in 2000, the National Cancer Center (NCC) has persevered to lessen the burden of cancer for Koreans by conducting and offering assistance to cancer research, diagnosing and treating cancer patients, assisting in the National Cancer Control Initiatives, and,  educating and training cancer specialists.

Moreover, the NCC is aggressively backing the 3rd National Cancer Control Plan (2016) by devising cancer control policies, promoting cancer research in in the Republic of Korea, and strengthening the cooperative network forged between Korean cancer-specialized medical institutions and international organizations.

The Republic of Korea IARC GICR Collaborating Centre will focus on educational training, CanReg support, and mentorships.