A postdoctoral opportunity is currently available in the ChildGICR project to conduct implementation research in support of cancer registration practices in childhood populations. The work will contribute to analysis of data collected by cancer registries, development of cancer registration standards, measurements of financial burden of childhood cancer on individual and population level, promotion of data use, and dissemination of generated knowledge.

Closing date for applying for the position is currently 21 July 2024.

More details can be found at:

Amirah Anderson

Program Coordinator, Disease Burden & Simulation

Manushak Avagyan

Postdoctoral Scientist, IARC, Lyon, France

Nickhill Bhakta MD, MPH

Director, Disease Burden & Simulation; Sub-Saharan Africa

Freddie Bray

Head of Cancer Surveillance Branch, IARC, Lyon, France

Meenakshi Devidas, PhD, MBA

Director, Global Analytics Unit

Anastasia Dolya

Project Assistant, IARC, Lyon, France

Maria Fernan

Project Assistant, IARC, Lyon, France

Paola Friedrich, MD, MPH

Director, Metrics & Performance; Mexico Region

Leeanna Fox Irwin

Project Coordinator, Global Fellowship Program

Catherine G. Lam, MD, MPH

Director, Health Systems; Asia Pacific Region Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer

Filip Meheus

Health Economist, World Health Organization

Les Mery

Hub officer, IARC, Lyon, France

Neimar de Paula Silva

Postdoctoral scientist, IARC, Lyon, France

Daniel Moreira, MD

Director, Global Professional Education

Marion Piñeros

Hub officer, IARC, Lyon, France

Julie Ritter

Program Manager, Disease Burden & Simulation

Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD

Director, St. Jude Global

Victor M. Santana, MD

Director, Global Research Unit

Eva Steliarova-Foucher

Childhood Cancer Team Leader, IARC, Lyon, France

Ariana Znaor

Hub officer, IARC, Lyon, France

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