Results and Evidence

As the lead organization of the GICR, IARC is committed to ensuring that the highest level of scientific rigour is applied throughout its work.

The GICR is working to increase the accessibility of high-quality educational references and research - at the international, regional, and national levels - by producing a greater number of high-quality peer-reviewed publications.

Progress in GICR Partner Countries

A condition of acceptance as a designated GICR Partner Country is that the country has demonstrated a commitment to develop population-based cancer registries and agrees to have progress monitored on the GICR website through indicators.

To assist the country, a small group from IARC, the IARC Regional Hubs for Cancer Registration, and IARC GICR Collaborating Centres will work directly with staff to address challenges and produce reports on progress.

Measuring progress

A Results-Based Management and Accountability Framework has been developed to track progress, measure outcomesmanage finances, learn, and make adjustments to improve results on an ongoing basis.

How the GICR uses the funds

When direct funding is disbursed, the GICR uses agreements between countries.

Signed between IARC and the respective organization, the agreement is a legal document that specifies the terms and conditions.

The method used will be gated funding, where the release of payment instalments is contingent upon the successful completion of planned deliverables.

Each agreement is structured to outline the joint work plan, designating specific areas of responsibility for each party.

GICR Progress Reports

Currently, four key performance indicators are used by the GICR:

the number of initial site visits

to countries (and associated follow-up visits), as a means to examine involvement in Hub regions

the number of regional training courses held

to monitor formal capacity-building events

the number of Collaborative Research Agreements

to measure joint commitments to improve cancer registration

the number of peer-reviewed articles published

to track the development of new scientific contributions

Quarterly reports are used to communicate progress at the global and regional/Hub levels. The next phase of reporting will begin to include national updates on GICR Partner Countries. In addition, biennial GICR Progress Reports will be produced beginning in 2019 and made available on the website.

Evaluation of the GICR

Formative evaluations will be used to assess progress and make recommendations on areas to improve.

Currently, the Hub Executive Group is used as an interim measure, together with a set of indicators that are tabulated each quarter.