The GICR strategy, to save lives through reliable cancer data, is supported by three interconnecting strategic areas.

Converting reliable data to information provides a way to save lives. A few examples are provided below.

Support country-led plans to strengthen data that better inform national cancer control programmes.

Objectives Mechanisms 
Increase the number of qualified staff Provide access to cancer registry training, educational resources, and experts
Improve the quality, comparability, and use of population-based cancer registry data Form task force teams to assist countries to implement and evaluate plans for quality control, data dissemination, and research
Enhance reporting of cancer registry data Develop analytical and graphical presentation tools
Contribute to the integration of cancer data as an active part of health-care planning Provide regular policy briefings to senior health officials

Provide direct support to countries through six IARC Regional Hubs for Cancer Registration, IARC GICR Collaborating Centres, and other key stakeholders.

Objectives Mechanisms 
Equip six IARC Regional Hubs to serve as local providers to registries Maintain core staff, and identify consultants to assist as needed
Promote peer-to-peer interactions Develop regional networks and platforms for communication
Accelerate and scale up proven strategies Document implementation, use, and evaluation of new solutions
Inspire innovation Pilot emerging electronic technologies

Increase the effectiveness of capacity-building in cancer registration through a coordinated global action plan.

Objectives Mechanisms 
Engage key organizations Develop strategic directions and operational plans through the GICR partners
Provide technical support to Hubs and registry staff Participate in training, correspondence, and scientific review of deliverables
Raise awareness of the role of cancer registries Develop partnerships with national cancer control programmes
Coordinate and provide oversight for regional and within-country projects Implement a project management system through IARC

How has the GICR helped?

Dr Enrique Barrios, Director of the National Cancer Registry of Uruguay
Dr Roberto Zanetti, Director of the Piedmont Cancer Registry, Italy
Dr Rajaraman Swaminathan, Head of Cancer Registry, Chennai, India