Collaborating Centres

The main responsibility of IARC as the lead organization of the GICR is to provide the overall governance of the GICR, including implementation in each Hub region.

A designated IARC Scientist works with each Hub and associated Collaborating Centres to provide technical advice, coordinate a regional action plan, and monitor progress. Over time, it is expected that the roles of IARC would progressively be transferred to the Hub, with critical input from the Collaborating Centres.

The responsibilities of Hubs are broader than those of Collaborating Centres. Each Hub will prioritize requests for technical support by discussing with IARC and the Collaborating Centres who is most appropriate to respond. Communication among IARC, the Hub, and the Collaborating Centres will be facilitated by regular calls of the Hub Advisory Committee. The Hub is tasked with communicating results from the Hub Executive Committee of the GICR.

Each Collaborating Centre has been asked to work towards the GICR goals. In addition, specific subject interests and, in some cases, geographical areas have been identified (see above for a brief description). As agreements for GICR Partner Countries are established, decisions about which organization is best suited to provide ongoing consultation will be made jointly among all Hub partners.