Japan IARC GICR Collaborating Centre

Principal Investigator

Tomohiro Matsuda

Director, National Cancer Registry Section National Cancer Center, Japan

Working together with the Thailand IARC GICR Collaborating Centre, a specific focus will be countries in East and South-East Asia.

A feature of the Collaborating Centre is its capacity to comprehensively cover Japan’s cancer control programmecancer control policy, prevention, screening, registration, statistics, and research.

Staff (Area of expertise):

  • Dr Tomohiro Matsuda (Cancer registration, Epidemiology)
  • Dr Kumiko Saika (Cancer screening, biostatistics)
  • Dr Kota Katanoda (Statistics, Epidemiology)
  • Dr Eiko Saito (Health Economics)
  • Dr Megumi Hori (Biostatistics)