China IARC GICR Collaborating Centre

Principal Investigator

Wanqing Chen

Deputy Director, National Office for Cancer Prevention and Control National Cancer Center, China

The government of China has embarked on an expansive programme of development in cancer control with a three-year action plan, 2015–2017. Included within the plan is the goal to standardize cancer registration through the National Cancer Registry Office  to reach an overall coverage of 30% of the population.

The NCCR brings together a network of population-based cancer registries, providing overall guidance, training, and leadership for research. After its implementation within the China National Cancer Centre in 2002, the NCCR increased the number of population-based cancer registries from 54 in 2008 to 574 in 2018, resulting in an estimated population coverage of 438 million, covered about 31.5% of the national population in China.

The China IARC GICR Collaborating Center will focus on educational training to build capacity in cancer registration and a joint research programme leading to the publication of scientific reports and articles in key international journals.