GICRNet Master Class: Analysis of Population-based Cancer Registry Data 1-5 July 2019

GICRNet Master Class: Analysis of Population-based Cancer Registry Data  1-5 July 2019
IARC Summer School 2019: GICR Masterclass on Data Analysis

IARC - GICR held its third Master Class: Analysis of Population-based Cancer Registry Data on July 1-5 as part of IARC's 2019 Summer School. The course invited staff from cancer registries and other institutions in the six GICR Hub regions that utilize cancer registry data. A final 18 participants completed the course and confirmed their involvement in GICRNet - IARC GICR Regional Trainers. They will go on to share knowledge with peers through active involvement in courses, consultancies and assistance in their respective regions.

The module is a comprehensive course for trainers focused on developing technical capacity to organize courses, transfer knowledge and lead on local capacity building activities to use, analyse PBCR data disseminate the results produced from the analysis. The course covered the following topics: assessing trends over time, including studying the role of age as well as changes in trends at a specific calendar period or cohort, cancer survival analysis: life table methods, net survival and adjustment for age, selection and use of analytical or statistical tools for descriptive epidemiological analysis using PBCR data, interpretation and dissemination of descriptive analytical results using PBCR data and practical advice to assess PBCR data.

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    Kumiko (Japan), Rngshou (China), Gholamreza (Iran), Cancut (Turkey), and Marceli (Brazil)
  • ![](P7041876-1024x683.jpg)
    Fred (Ghana), Sarah (Trinidad and Tobago), Natasha (Barbados), Graciela (Argentina), and Gauthier (Burkina Faso)
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    Elvira (S. Africa), Xolisile (Eswatini), Sulee (Thailand), Krittika (Thailand), and Erika (New Caledonia)
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    Sabiha (Algeria), Wilmer (Ecuador), Kazem (Iran), Sampath (India) and Hadrien (IARC, France)

Each IARC GICR Regional trainer have been equipped with standardized educational material and resources so that they can then serve as faculty, provide assistance to local registries and contribute towards new tools to support local capacity-building in cancer registration.