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General Guidelines

Cancer Registration: Principles and Methods
Planning and developing population-based cancer registration–And-Middle-Income-Settings-2014
Evaluation of data quality in the cancer registry. Part I: comparability, validity and timeliness
Evaluation of data quality in the cancer registry. Part II: Completeness
Manual for Cancer Registry Personnel
Pathology of Tumours for Cancer Registry Personnel
Cancer Surveillance Framework
Guidelines on Confidentiality for Population-Based Cancer Registration /static/public/docs/Confidentiality IACR-IARC (Tech Rep 2004-3).pdf

Procedures in a cancer registry

Standard Procedure Manual (AFCRN)


ICD–O Third edition ICD-O-3 & ICD-O-3.2 TABLES
International Rules for Primary Multiple Cancers (ICD-O Third Edition)
 International Classification of  Childhood Cancers ICCC, 3rd edition.


UICC TNM Educational material
Essential TNM User’s guide (English) /static/public/docs/Annex%20_Essential%20TNM%20Users%20Guide_22012019_Final.pdf
Essential TNM User’s guide (Spanish) / TNM Esencial – Guía del Usuario /static/public/docs/Essential_TNM_Users Guide_SPA_22022019.pdf 
Essential TNM User’s guide (Portuguese) / TNM Essencial – Manual do Usuário /static/public/docs/TNM Essencial Manual do Usuario_PORT.pdf 
CanStaging, the Cancer Staging Tool 
Pediatric Cancer Staging (Consensus guidelines for use by population cancer registries for staging childhood cancers (the Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines)


CanReg5 Webinars – English Webinar 1: Overview
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
Webinar 2: Installation and Setup
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
Webinar 3: Migrating data from CanReg4
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
Webinar 4: Data Entry
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
Webinar 5: Data Analysis
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
Webinar 6: Customization and Management
Presentation (download)Presentation (online)Q&AsSlides (pdf)
CanReg5 Webinars – Spanish Webinar Sesión 1: CanReg5 y Registros de Cáncer
Slides (pdf)Video
Webinar Sesión 2: Instalación y configuración
EjerciciosSlides (pdf)Video
Webinar Sesión 3: Migración de datos desde CanReg 4
Slides (pdf)Video
Webinar Sesión 4: Entrada de datos
Slides (pdf)
Webinar Sesión 6: Personalización y Gestión
Slides (pdf)
CanReg5 Manual Manual in English
Manual in Spanish
Check and conversion Program The publication of the third edition of the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O-3) (WHO, 2000) required the preparation of new programs to convert and to validate data collected by cancer registries ( click here to read more ).
Download the latest version of (December 2018) ~ 1 MB

Publications – GICR

Cancer Surveillance – Izmir Hub
Cancer Surveillance – Latin America Hub

Publications – Descriptive Epidemiology

Publications – Descriptive Epidemiology See IACR website