What do we need to get there?

The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (GICR) estimates a minimum investment of 15 million US dollars over 5 years to make a difference in national and regional capacity to generate information for cancer control purposes.

To date, several cancer-related organizations have provided seed funding to support initial GICR activities, but fundraising efforts are continuing, to allow GICR to develop to its full potential. Please contact if you wish to make a financial or in-kind contribution to GICR.

We ask supporting partners to commit for a minimum of 3 years, so that solid foundations can be established. Examples of engagement include support to:

  • one or more regional hubs
  • one or more cancer registries
  • one or more regional networks of cancer registries to facilitate collaborative initiatives, data sharing and joint analyses
  • training activities and the development of tailored training material to improve the technical and managerial capacity of cancer data professionals
  • the development of the open source, population-based cancer registration software CanReg to offer additional tools for cancer registries
  • the production and dissemination of local, regional and global data for their full use by national and international stakeholders
  • awareness programmes to sensitize national authorities and international stakeholders on the fundamental role played by cancer registries in cancer control

Supporting GICR means supporting facts, figures and a future: investing in cancer information means indirectly investing in evidence-based prevention, treatment and supportive care strategies.

A steadily increasing number of individuals and institutions endorse and contribute their expertise to GICR. We would be delighted to count on you as well - please visit this page to join.

GICR is endorsed by

American Cancer Society African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dutch Cancer Society European Network of Cancer Registries International Association of Cancer Registries IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy International Network for Cancer Treatment and Prevention North American Association of Central Cancer Registries NCI Center for Global Health Pan American Health Organization Red de Institutos Nacionales de Cancer Tata Memorial Center Union for International Cancer Control World Health Organization
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