GICR Brochure (2012)
Let's face the facts

Cancer registries: Information for Action in Latin America and the Caribbean

GICR Brochure (2011)
Let's figure it out

GICR Meeting Statement
English, French, Russian, Spanish

Questionnaire to ascertain the advocacy needs of cancer registry personnel

International cancer community welcomes Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
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Effective communication between cancer registries and clinicians
Working together to improve patient outcomes

World Cancer Factsheet
Cancer Research UK and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in the framework of the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit, published a new world cancer factsheet.

Inauguration of the first IARC regional Hub for cancer registration

The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR)
Presentation by Dr David Forman

Newsletter of the IARC Regional Hub for Cancer Registration, Mumbai


CanReg Webinar 1: Overview
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)

CanReg Webinar 2: Installation and Setup
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)

CanReg Webinar 3: Migrating data from CanReg4
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)

IARC Summer School in Cancer Epidemiology
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CanReg Webinar 4: Data Entry
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)

CanReg Webinar 5: Data Analysis
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)

Quality improvement and basic analysis of information in population-based cancer registries in Latin America
IARC Regional Course, Cali (Colombia), October 15 – 20, 2012
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CanReg Webinar 6: Customization and Management
Presentation (download), Presentation (online), Q&As, Slides (pdf)


The Lancet Oncology - News: Recent developments for cancer care in Africa
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Evaluation of data quality in the cancer registry: principles and methods. Part I: comparability, validity and timeliness
Eur J Cancer. 2009 Mar;45(5):747-55. Epub 2008 Dec 29. Bray F, Parkin DM. PMID: 19117750
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Population-based cancer registries: the invisible key to cancer control
Lancet Oncol. 2005 Apr;6(4):193-5. Brewster DH, Coebergh JW, Storm HH. PMID: 15811615
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The role of cancer registries in cancer control
Int J Clin Oncol. 2008 Apr;13(2):102-11. Epub 2008 May 8. Parkin DM. PMID: 18463952
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The evolution of the population-based cancer registry
Nat Rev Cancer. 2006 Aug;6(8):603-12. Parkin DM. PMID: 16862191
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Cancer registration in developing countries: luxury or necessity?
Lancet Oncol. 2008 Feb;9(2):159-67. Valsecchi MG, Steliarova-Foucher E. PMID:18237850
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External evaluation of population-based cancer registries: the REDEPICAN Guide for Latin America
Rev Panam Salud Publica 34(5), 2013


Cancer Epidemiology Resources
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Statistical Methods
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IARC CancerBase Series and Related Publications
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Resources for Cancer Registries
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IARC Summer School in Cancer Epidemiology (2012)
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The European Cancer Observatory (ECO)
The European Cancer Observatory (ECO) is a project developed at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in partnership with the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) in the framework of the EUROCOURSE project, supported by the European Commission. The ECO platform provides a comprehensive system of information on the cancer burden in Europe across three web sites: EUCAN national estimates, EUREG registry data and EUROCIM downloadable data. ECO will be a valuable tool for policymakers, medical and research professionals as well as civil society
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Webinar REDEPICAN (28/11/2013)
Slides #1, Slides #2

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