On-site Training in Use of CanReg5

Location: Namibian National Cancer Registry
Instructor: Gladys Chesumbai (Eldoret Cancer Registry, Kenya)
Dates: 16–24 June 2014

The Namibian National Cancer Registry (NNCR) became a member of the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) after a consultant visit of evaluation in February 2014. A problem identified during that visit was the management of the registry database, recently transferred to the CanReg5 system.

This CanReg5 consultant visit was arranged and supported by the AFCRN. Ms Gladys Chesumbai, an accredited AFCRN CanReg Instructor, visited the NNCR (16–24 June 2014). Ms Chesumbai repaired and installed the CanReg5 system and provided sufficient training for the registry staff. One immediate outcome of the visit was that the NNCR was able to submit its data for 1969–2012 to the AFCRN Database for review.

Ms Chesumbai continues to provide advice and support to the Namibian team when needed, on a voluntary basis. The AFCRN is grateful to individual experts like this.

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